AXL Jacknife Review

AXL Jacknife Looking a bit like Flying V that was given a makeover by medieval armorers, the Axl Jackknife ($299 retail/$224 street) sports decent fretwork, a good setup, and feels surprisingly light and nimble for a guitar of its proportions. It’s a good sounding guitar, too, with a voice that’s as fat and squawky as […]

Godin Radiator and Fury BBM 2V Guitar Reviews

Godin’s Radiator has enough good looks and quality construction to be a smart choice for the player on a budget or on the lookout for a second or third instrument. Even with a pickup swap, it’s a good bang-per-buck axe. Fury’s BBM is a major contender for any major player who isn’t glued to the clone-of-a-clone design paradigm that most mid-priced models offer.

Hamer Artist Vanguard Electric Guitar Review

Hamer Artist Vanguard Electric Guitar Review Depending on how you look at it, Hamer guitars has built their reputation as either the guitar world’s custom shop or its smallest production line. Whichever view you choose, the bottom line remains that Hamer produces a limited quantity of amazingly well-crafted instruments with unique custom details at (or […]

Tribute to Duane Allman & Berry Oakley

Duane Allman’s future looked blindingly bright in the fall of October 1971. The Allman Brothers Band had just seen the three years of hardcore touring pay off in fashion. Their third release, the live double album At Filmore East, had gone Gold, and both the band and Duane were being hailed as rock visionaries. Sessions […]